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By jack Night on May 19, 2017

Recently much has been written and spoken about how software-based technology, data analytics and connected devices can work together to transform every aspect of business.

But now the process of digital transformation is set to have an enormous impact on our health and fitness too. Not only will these advances affect the quality of life for millions, they could also have far-reaching implications for the healthcare sector and employers in general.
Digital transformation is an ongoing journey that requires putting the consumer at the center of your business.

As you pursue digital transformation in health care, look beyond the technology required to drive innovation. You can’t win simply with huge investments in mobile, cloud or marketing technology. To keep up with the staggering pace of digital disruption, the health care industry needs to engage with the very people they want to please: consumers.

As you expand your efforts in digital transformation, don’t neglect to use customer intelligence to make data-driven decisions around technology investments. If healthcare fail to engage the customers, industry will continue to operate behind the times.

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